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Webinar: PCIe is getting more energy hungry - Can you fit enough power onto your PCB?

Tuesday September 17th 2PM (CEST)

Attend our webinar to find out how Murata's MonoBK power modules can help make more room.

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Tuesday September 17th 2PM (CEST)

Webinar topics:

1. PCI express market/applications/power trends
2. Future challenges
3. What is the MonoBK?
4. MonoBK advantages
  - Space saving high power density
  - High thermal performance
  - Fast transient response & low noise
  - High reliability/solderability
  - Summary of advantages
5. Applications
6. Cross reference to Xilinx FPGAs 
7. Latest product lineup

Özgür Orcay

Murata Elektronik Europe
Strategic Marketing Manager - EMEA

Technical Presenter:
Paul Lee
Freelance author

Director of Engineering and Business Development,
Murata Power Solutions UK 2003 – 2017

35 years experience of power design

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