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🌱 Improving Efficiency and Productivity with Murata

By 2050, there will be a 70% increase in food production due to the expected population growth in Asia to 5.2B. Apart from catering to the change in consumer demand towards healthier food, the agriculture industry faces environmental factors such as the scarcity of natural resources, climate change, post-harvest losses, and a fragmented supply chain.
What are the new technologies and solutions in Smart Agriculture that can enhance the entire food value chain for higher yield and maximum returns?
Through this webinar, you will learn:
- The drivers and key challenges in traditional agriculture
- Leverage Murata's technologies to improve efficiency and productivity
- Actual use-case: How Murata's products contribute to smart irrigation and increase yield
- Partnering with Murata for agri-tech's growth
Date: 30th September 2021, Thursday
Time: 1.30pm (SGT), 11am (IST)
Over 10 years of experience in Technology Marketing, Strategic Partnering, and the development of new businesses.
In line with Murata’s philosophy to contribute to the advancement of society and with our core technologies, looking for partners to co-develop new technology and business ecosystem in Agri-tech and for other social issues in ASEAN, India & Oceania.
DM Venkatesan
  Regional New Business Development
Murata Electronics Singapore
10 years of Sales & Marketing experience as Sales Engineer (various components), Product Engineer & Marketing (Sensor Devices) in Murata across markets in ASEAN & Oceania, and East Asia regions.
Keen learner to understand the problem statement/s and inspired to be part of the ecosystem and
contribute to solving social issues with in-depth knowledge of sensing technology.
Andy Teo
Product Manager, Sensor Products
Murata Electronics Singapore
Over 10 years experience in Product Marketing, Business Development, and Project Management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Europe, ASEAN and Oceania regions.
Driven by a passion for new technologies and innovation in the area of the Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Cities, Gonzague is an active contributor to the complex IoT ecosystem collaborating with various business partners such as device manufacturers, network operators, cloud platforms, and other key service providers.
Gonzague Fraval
Senior Product Engineer
(Product Marketing, Wireless Module)

Murata Electronics Singapore

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